Pets Zoo

On 2008, Palestine Wildlife Society (PWLS) started working on a special program for the care of farm animals in Bethlehem district. This program was funded by the World Animals Protection WAP-United Kingdom. In Addition, on 2009 PWLS started to implement the World Animal day by a Festival and by bringing some Pets and working animals for the students to interact with them. After noticing the student’s behavior toward these animals during the celebration, PWLS thought of establishing a Pets Zoo in Oush Grab, Beit Sahour.

PWLS collaborated with Beit Sahour Municipality to rent a land in Oush Grab for the Zoo as to be the First Zoo in Bethlehem District. On 2014 Palestine Wildlife Society established the Pets Zoo to spread the awareness on animal welfare, to share the benefits of animals, and to support the curriculum by outdoor activities for students.

This Zoo contains a set of strong metal cages and corners of the use of domestic animals and poultry, wild birds and other animals. In addition, there is a corner as a natural site of some species of wild plants.

The main goal of establishing this Zoo: to learn the concepts of animal welfare, identification of domestic and wild animals in Palestine and changing the behavior of students toward animals.
This project is sustainable and will benefit many children, schools and kindergartens from around the West Bank. This project will attract at least 1000 children per year.