Walls of Jerusalem   



Region no.                        001

District                               Jerusalem

Place                                  Walls of Jerusalem

Distance                             5km

Height                                 +750m

Latitude & longitude         31 52 N 35 13E

Description of the place:

It is a place of high population density as an inherited historical region (inherited culture) announced by UNESCO/ United Nations.  It follows the basin of the Mediterranean Sea region and is covered with forests.

The birds of this site:

The Lesser Kestrel is found in this area and it is one of the birds that are internationally threatened according to Birdlife International (Middle East Division). It is registered at about 80 nestlings. These birds nestle during springtime in Jerusalem walls and in old buildings walls.  This bird eats mousses, insects, and reptiles. The White Stork also passes above the east side of Jerusalem city especially in the olive mount region.

The negative effects:

  • Destruction of trees
  • Pollution by vehicles.
  • Wildlife disturbance by irregular tourism.
  • No management planning or environmental awareness.

The protection procedures:  

  • Restoration with the focus on the preservation of the region’s natural features (studied plans) which will help encourage birds to breed and to reside in the region during its emigration
  • Rehabilitation of natural plants in the region.
  • Organization of environmental tourism.