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Jerusalem Wilderness region


Jerusalem Wilderness region    



The region No.                                                 003

The district                                                        Bethlehem/Hebron

The area                                                           150km

The height                                                         +250m, +600m

The Latitude & Longitude                               31 42`N             35 19`E


The description of the region:

Jerusalem Wilderness region is a protectoral area. This area extends from the southeast of Bethlehem to the regions south of Hebron where it reaches the mount that surrounds the Dead Sea.

This region can be accessed in many different routes.  One can start at the Bethlehem district or from Tquo’ village and then pass through Arab Al Asakra, or through the Wadi Kretoon region, or from the south side of the Dead Sea region and go up the high mountain and then reach this wonderful region.

The animals of this area:

The most important animals found in this region are the Capra ibex, Gazella, Rocky Hyrax, Fox, and Hyeana.

The birds of this region:

Large Raptors including the Egyptian Vulture and the Griffon Vulture

The negative effects:

  • The training of the Israeli soldiers by all the year specially the use of the heavy machines.
  • The unjust grazing of plants
  • The unjust hunting in this region harms the rich of biodiversity of life.
  • The irregular tourism damages the wildlife

The protection procedures:

  • Decreasing the negative affects that military training has on the environment and wildlife
  • Regulation of hunting and rehabilitation of the habitat
  • Encouraging of the environmental tourism and regulate the other tourist activities.