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Wadi Al-Makhrour


Wadi Al-Makhrour


The region No.                                            005

The district                                                   Bethlehem

The area                                                       15km

The height                                                     913m

The latitude & longitude                               31 40`N 35 09`E


The description of the region:

Wadi Al-Makhrour is a natural and agricultural region located in the western part of Bethlehem city.  It includes the lands of Beit Jala, Battir and Krimzan monastery and consists of some springs, fresh water, and thick forests.  There is a nature path in this area, which the inhabitants use in the springtime to stroll through the region and enjoying nature.


The birds of this region:

The birds that are registered are: Honey Buzzerd, Black- eared Wheatear, Palestine Sunbird, and Sand Partrige. The Golden Eagle was a resident in this area.


The negative effects:

  • The Israeli authorities confiscate the natural regions so they can build roads and residential areas.  The construction destructs the habitat of the wildlife.
  • The sewage water that comes from Gelo settlement affects the nature of this region
  • There is a garbage dump in the middle of this region that the people use, instead of properly getting rid of their trash.


The protection procedures:

  • Finding the right way to get ride of the garbage like recycling
  • Finding a safe, environmental friendly way to purify the water
  • The Palestinian authority should put pressure on the Israeli authorities to stop destruction of nature
  • Cooperation and coordination with inhabitants to raise the level of environmental awareness