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Al- Fashkha region


Al- Fashkha region

The region No.                                    006

The district                                           Jericho

The area                                               25km

The height                                             -390m

The latitude & longitude                       31 42`N 35 28`E


The description of the region:

Al Fashkha is a protected wetland region near Jericho city that has plenty freshwater and saltwater springs.  The Dead Sea is located in the southern part of this region and is considered to be the lowest area in the world. The word “Fashkha” means crack or split. The reason for this name return to one top of Jerusalem mountains, it fell in the Dead Sea in the past, so this name – Al Fashkha- attributed to this area at which, there is no place for any body to stand on. (?)

The level of the seawater declined between the 1937 and 1930 4 m, and between 1957 and 1963 it declined another 3,5m. As a result of the water declination and companies taking minerals from the Dead Sea, authorities widened the protected region.


The Dead Sea depends on rainfall water that comes through Wadi Qadroun, Wadi Al- Darajeeh, and Wadi Sowaneet.  On the northern borders of the Dead Sea from the west side there are three springs: Al-Gazal spring, Tanour spring, Al-Fashkha springs. The average drainage of these three springs reach to 3 million meters. The oasis of Al-Fashkha extends a distance of 1400m and 5km in order to reach the Dead Sea in several spots.

The Dead Sea region is considered as one of the most important areas in the world.  Lots of tourists travel from all across the globe to visit and enjoy the unique climate and wonderful nature.   

The plants of this region:

The plants that are found in this region belong to the semi tropical climate that represent the palm trees, there are wetland areas covered by cane. There are also some kinds of plant, which like salt. (INFORMATION?)

The animal of this area:

This region is famous for the Ibex and, Gazzella, Rocky Hyrax, and the Wolf. There are also several species of fish and crustacean that are found in spring water.

The birds of this area:

The oasis of Al-Fashkha springs is considered as an important location for the emigrant and the water birds since this oasis is located on the flying line between Asia, Europe, and Africa. The species found in this area are: Lapwing, Robin, the Warblers, and the Chukar. The endangered Dead Sea Sparrow is found in this area along with the Lesser Kestrel that is found in the western part of the region. The Night Heron lives and breeds in this region.  The Griffon Vulture lives in the wester part of Al-Fashkha springs.  The White Stork emigrates through this region in large numbers. (I think it would be better to just list birds)

 (The negative effects?)

The protection procedures:

  • Enlarge the distance of the protection area in order to include the mountains
  • Environmental tourism: encourage progress of environmental tourism concepts in the Palestinian Society, encourage people to visit this sight in order to observe birds and wild animals all yearlong
  • Protect the water and the natural regions so as to attract more species of birds.
  • Train local people how to manage protected areas