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Um Al-Safa region


Um Al-Safa region



The region No.                                       011

The district                                              Ramallah

The area                                                  35km

The height                                                +600m

The latitude & longitude                          32 01`N 35 09`E


 The description of the area:

Um Al-Safa is a protected area that consists of natural and official forests located near Ramallah city.  It follows the Mediterranean Sea climate system, at which the large size trees exist in the mountainous region, in addition to the valleys and hills that surround the area. There are some springs and agricultural areas located near the region.


The birds of this region:

The White Storks birds pass the region during their spring emigration; they registered at about 2000 birds in March 1999.  The Lesser Spotted Eagle was registered in the region, along with the Palestine Sunbird.


The negative effects:

  • The construction of Israeli settlements in the center of the forest means the destruction of the region along with the forest.
  • Cutting of wooded trees: some inhabitants take the opportunity to cut down trees and use them for their one personal use, which negatively affects forest continuation and harms it biodiversity
  • The unjust and unorganized grazing


The protection procedures:

  • Encouraging environmental tourism by giving the chance to enjoy and promenade in the area.  This can be obtained by opening special places for tourists to enjoy while at the same time preventing tourism wandering randomly and unintentionally harming the environment
  • Managing and supervising forest use and the wooded wealth
  • Regulation of inside and outside the region grazing
  • Encouraging the traditional and biological agriculture in order to protect and conserve the nature categories, which is so important for the environmental balance.