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Um Al-Rihan Forests


Um Al-Rihan Forests

The region No.                                       013

The district                                              Jenin

The area                                                  25km

 The height                                               +400m, 475m

The latitude & longitude                          32 32`N            35 09`E


The description of the region:

Um Al-Rehan is a protected, semi-coastal region located high on the northwestern hills of the Jenin Governorate, about 14 kilometers from Jenin, whose environment resembles the Mediterranean Sea forest.


(need information on the trees/forest)


The birds of this region:

This is a “refueling spot” for birds that come from the coast or from the North on their way to the Jerusalem and Nablus mountains. The most important birds that pass by the area are the White Stork (2000 birds were registered in spring 1999), Lesser Kestrel, Honey Buzzard, and the Egyptian Vulture, which is a resident bird and is also breed in this region.


The negative effects:

  • The building of the Israeli settlements on the protected area.
  • The unjust grazing in the region
  • The cutting down off trees and using the wood for the heating the house during the winter.
  • Garbage buildup


The protection procedures:

  • The prevention of the unjust grazing in the region
  • The prevention of people cutting down the trees.
  • Doing environmental awareness campaign for the region and the visitors and ask them not throw garbage in the protection.
  • Training staffs to better manage the site in the future.