Bird Sites (IBA's)

Um Al-Rihan Forests

The description of the region: Um Al-Rehan is a protected, semi-coastal region located high on the northwestern hills of the Jenin Governorate, about 14 kilometers from Jenin, whose environment resembles the Mediterranean Sea forest.

Qenya Springs region

he description of the region: Qenya Springs is an agricultural area. This northern side of Qenya village is located 9km northwest of Ramallah City, This region contains plants like citrus fruits, in addition to the vegetables that depend on the springs near the lands.

Um Al-Safa region

The description of the area: Um Al-Safa is a protected area that consists of natural and official forests located near Ramallah city. It follows the Mediterranean Sea climate system, at which the large size trees exist in the mountainous region, in addition to the valleys and hills that surround the area. There are some springs and agricultural areas located near the region.

Wadi Al Quff region

The description of the region: Wadi Al Quff is located west of Hebron; there is about 6km between the city and the western villages. The area of part of the district area is about 4000 dnoum. There is a cave in the northern side called Al Toor; the length of the cave is more than 150m.

Wadi Gaza region

The description of the region: Wadi Gaza is a wetland region and also the largest valley in Gaza; it follows the coastal system of the Mediterranean Sea. It covers the four residential areas of Al-Mighraqa, Al-Nuseirat, Al-Bureij and Juhr Al-Deik. Wadi Gaza has a diverse ecosystem due to its wide range of habitats. It plays an important role for migratory birds, but is also a suitable area for plant and wildlife that require coastal and sand dune habitats. Right now the shore, a unique marine habitat for many species, is under the threat to be destroyed because of water pollution and human activity.

Al-Oja springs region

The description of the region: Al-Oja spring region is located to the northwestern side of Jericho city. Along with being a wetland region, it is also a protected agricultural grassland region. The eastern side of the region contains a part of the Jordan Valley. The climate of this region is similar to the Arabic desert climate.

Jericho region

The description of the region: Jericho is the oldest residential region in the world. Its age is estimated to be ten of thousands of years old.

Al- Fashkha region

The description of the region: Al Fashkha is a protected wetland region near Jericho city that has plenty freshwater and saltwater springs. The Dead Sea is located in the southern part of this region and is considered to be the lowest area in the world. The word “Fashkha” means crack or split. The reason for this name return to one top of Jerusalem mountains, it fell in the Dead Sea in the past, so this name – Al Fashkha- attributed to this area at which, there is no place for any body to stand on.

Wadi Al-Makhrour

The description of the region: Wadi Al-Makhrour is a natural and agricultural region located in the western part of Bethlehem city. It includes the lands of Beit Jala, Battir and Krimzan monastery and consists of some springs, fresh water, and thick forests. There is a nature path in this area, which the inhabitants use in the springtime to stroll through the region and enjoying nature.

Mar Saba – Wadi Qadron

The description of the region: Wadi Qadron is an agricultural and grazing region. It is located in the center of Jerusalem wildlife, the southern side of Bethlehem. In this area there is a monastery called Saint Saba monastery. There is a way to this monastery from the southern side called Al Nabi Mousa way (Jerusalem – Jericho way), from the Al Sahara region to the southern side of the monastery through the desert and there is a main road from Bethlehem that pass by Beit Sahour to the monastery region.

Jerusalem Wilderness region

The description of the region: Jerusalem Wilderness region is a protectoral area. This area extends from the southeast of Bethlehem to the regions south of Hebron where it reaches the mount that surrounds the Dead Sea.

Wadi Al Quilt

The region description: Wadi Al Quilt’s environmental system represents the desert and depression. It is considered a wetland region filled with towering mountains and springs that cover the land. This region is considered to be one of the most beautiful regions in Palestine. Water flows from the rocks and forms small or large waterfalls that feed different life parts of Jerusalem’s wildlife.