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سوسنة فقوعة

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Pets Zoo

Pets Zoo On 2008, Palestine Wildlife Society (PWLS) started working on a special program for the care of farm animals in Bethlehem district. This program was funded by the World Animals Protection WAP-United Kingdom. In Addition, on 2009 PWLS started to implement the World Animal day by a Festival and by bringing some Pets and working animals for the students to interact with them. After noticing the student’s behavior toward these animals during the celebration, PWLS thought of establishing a Pets Zoo in Oush Grab, Beit Sahour.

Natural Resource

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Palestine Biodiversity

Palestine Biodiversity Palestine has a global influence that greatly exceeds its small size. It's a tiny piece of land whose coexisting religious and political diversity is echoed in the remarkable range of ecological variation.

Bird Survey

Bird Survey Programme   Survey methodology 1-point counts: For counting many...

Important Bird Areas (IBA) Programme

Important Bird Areas (IBA) Programme "The selection of Important Bird Areas (IBAs) has been a particularly effective way of identifying conservation priorities. IBAs are key sites for conservation – small enough to be conserved in their entirety and often already part of a protected-area network

Bird Sites (IBA's)

Important Bird (Biodiversity) Areas in Palestine is the first of its kind in Palestine which has been done with a scientific way and field investigations. Bird watching, knowing each bird’s kind from resident, migratory, regionally and globally threaten species upon International Criteria's that IUCN, Birdlife International & others have declared. In this project 13 sites (from the First stage in 1999) and before that 4 IBA’s was declared by Birdlife International on 1995 have been chosen according to the difference in climate and Eco systems in Palestine and very important for the Bird migration..

Bird Migration

Migratory Birds Know No Boundaries (Birds Monitoring) Background The Middle East, located at the juncture of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, makes it a region second to none in the world for tracking, research and study of the phenomenon of bird migration. The Middle East is a “bottle neck” for the migration from Europe and to Africa and back. More than 500 million birds pass over the Middle East twice a year in the autumn and spring migration. The Middle East is famous throughout the world for continuous warfare since the dawning of history. It has been decided to utilize the bird migration as a perfect vehicle for cooperation between nations in the region, and to emphasize joint educational endeavors for students in the region schools under the heading “Migrating Birds Know No Boundaries”.