Empower people program

Enhancing Environmental Awareness among Palestinian Youth

Enhancing Environmental Awareness among Palestinian Youth This project is funded by the Pontifical Mission 2016. As PWLS past experience since 1999 in implementing non curriculum activities (Informal Activities through the establishment of the ECO SCHOOL network in Palestine) as learning process for students, and has a unique opportunity in the implementation of Nature Conservation and the 3 R’s activities among this network.

Economic development across the fragile communities

Economic development across the fragile communities This project is funded by Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil 2014-2016. In the beginning PWLS worked to Introduce the project and conduct Six Walks, combined with Voluntary works cleanups for the Masar, First of all the meeting project introduction and activities introduction were given to 24 girls in addition to the officials of the scouts

Animal Welfare in Bethlehem- WAP

Animal Welfare Unit This unit is the first of its kind in Palestine…implemented in two stages: Awareness among the youth and farmers through extensive interaction with the animals Medical and physical Treatments for the animals; through this we can help the animals by themselves and therefore assist the farmers who rely on this kind of transportation to reach their farms This project in somehow changing the behavior of the local Palestinian people toward animals especially toward Donkeys, they are now recognizing the importance of having a donkey in their areas and treating them well, also by distributing the noise bands that we got from WSPA is helping a good role in changing the people behavior to the health of Donkeys.

Donkey Welfare in Bethlehem 2016

Donkey Welfare in Bethlehem 2016 This project is funded by the Donkeys Sanctuary- United Kingdom 2016. Bethlehem district has a large amount of agricultural land, and many small farms. The farmers use their donkeys mainly for farming and herding; Bethlehem has many villages that are affected by the separation wall, and from the divisions of areas to the Palestinians and Israelis.

Education Program

Education Program Introduction:       The Palestine Wildlife...

Palestinian Environmental Parliament For Youth (PEPY)

Palestinian Environmental Parliament For Youth (PEPY) The main aim of this activties is to emphasis the role of children in changing the world. This project allows them to be active in the decision-making process and gives them the opportunity to share democracy with others.

Multi Media Section

Multi Media Section The main idea of the media project that is accented in this program is to produce environmental & natural documentaries along with other educational aids that would be distributed locally and regionally.

Environmental Education & Awareness

Environmental Education & Awareness Programme The environment in Palestine has not been given the rights it deserves to conservation and protection even though it is rich with varying forms of species, plants, biodiversity, and birds. Many environmentalists and naturalists have turned their interest towards protecting as well as raising awareness about the Palestinian environment.