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Important Bird Areas (IBA) Programme Identify and conserve all sites of Global, regional and national importance for birds...

Identification of IBA involves the study of the Important Bird Sites through:

  1. Locating  the Site.

  2. Gathering and recording the Data on the species in the specific Site.

  3. The human impact on the Site.

  4. The Site's  importance in biodiversity standards.

  5. The protection measurements needed.

Important Bird Areas in Palestine (IBA's) Data is the first of its kind in the country. This data has been updated in accordance to internationally recognized scientific criteria, through a book produced by PWLS in 1999.  This Palestinian IBA book is the first of its kind in the Middle East. It is also a national strategy for the conservation and management of birds and their habitats in the country. The results and recommendations in the IBA Program of Palestine was deduced in coordination and cooperation with the Palestinian Environmental Authority and it is compatible with the Palestinian Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan for 1998.

In this study13 sites have been identified as important areas for conservation. These areas include Palestinian Coast, Jerusalem Mountains, Eastern Slopes and the Jordan Valley differing in climate and bio-geographical location. The areas also vary from semi natural, urban and rural areas. Many of which is rich agricultural land with high agro-Biodiversity.

Although, the IBA study has defined the areas, threats and importance of their conservation. Update little measures have been taken in relation to conservation and management of IBA's in Palestine.

The new political situation has caused massive unsustainable development. This development is affecting the vitality and serenity of such Important Biodiversity Areas.

IBA's in Palestine are currently undergoing many negative impacts such as ecosystem destruction, extinction of species and degradation of local and migratory wildlife.

In Agricultural production farmers are using chemical pesticides for pest management. Whereas these chemicals are not only affecting pests but also useful Biodiversity including birds. Many indigenous and migratory birds are beneficial for integrated pest management.

It is estimated that around 50% of Palestine birds are important and vital for agricultural pest management. Although these birds are undergoing many threats and impacts update no real understanding to their role in integrated pest management is known. Therefore it is needed to update scientific information, manage, promote and protect these birds. On the other hand some birds are pasting and are totally depending on agricultural crops due lack of environmental balance. Therefore it is also needed to manage such birds ecologically.

It is very crucial at this stage to update, monitor and conserve Important Bird Areas in Palestine, to insure their sustainability and benefit to the local economy of their cultural and natural values.


Important Bird Areas in Palestine

Area # Area District Criteria Ecosystem Habitats Protected area  
1 Jerusalem City Jerusalem 1,3,6 Mediterranean Mountain/resident No  
2 Wadi Al-Qelt Jerusalem 1,3,4,6 Irano-Turanean Mountain/wadi Yes  
3 Jerusalem Wilderness Bethlehem 3 Irano-Turanean/Mediterranean Mountain/desert No  
4 Wadi Qadron Bethlehem 1,3,4 Irano-Turanean/Mediterranean Mountain/Wadi No  
5 Wadi Al-Makhrour Bethlehem 3,4,6 Mediterranean Mountain/forests No  
6 Ein Al-Fashkha Jericho 1,2b,6 Tropical Wetland Yes  
7 Jericho Jericho 1,2g,3,4 Tropical Farming/&resident area No  
8 Al-Oja Jericho 1.2a,4,6 Tropical Wadi&Wetland No  
9 Wadi Gaza Gaza 1,2a,2b,5b Mediterranean Coastal line,Wetland&Wadi No  
10 Wadi Al-Qof Hebron 3,4,6 Mediterranean Quercus forests Yes  
11 Um Al-Safa Ramallah 3,6 Mediterranean Quercus forests Yes  
12 Ein Qinia Ramallah 4 Mediterranean Springs/forests No  
13 Um Al-Rihan Jenin 3,6 Mediterranean Semi-coastal/forests Yes  




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