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Lesser Kestrel shot for preservation

Lesser Kestrel shot for preservation Armed with telescopic lenses, 24 West Bank photographers took to the Jerusalem wilderness for a two day photoshoot, zooming in on Palestine’s Lesser Kestrel Falco naumanni. Sponsored by the Middle Eastern HIMA Fund, these passionate paparazzi snapped over a thousand pictures, framing the small falcon for future generations to admire. This photogenic initiative was part of a creative conservation package put together by Imad Atrash, Executive Director of the Palestine Wildlife Society (PWLS, BirdLife Partner) and his team. An artisan and agriculture event, breeding surveys and educational and conservation awareness activities were among a spectrum of initiatives that made up the initial kestrel conservation kit.

World Animal Day Celebration

World Animal Day​rnOn 22 of October Palestine Wildlife Society celebrated the world Animal Day in Oush Grab Beit Sahour. About 350 student attended to visit the Pets Zoo and to watch a play by Inad theater about Animal Welfare. Palestine Wildlife Society celebrated this day yearly with students ages around 3-8years to teach the students on animal welfare and on changing their behavior toward loving and caring about animals. This event was funded by Pontifical mission- Jerusalem.

Eco-Tourism Tour Guides in Palestine

Eco-Tourism Tour Guides in Palestine During the month of August our partner, the Palestinian Wildlife Society (PWLS) ran a course for Eco-Tourism tour guides in Palestine. This course has become an official course for tour guides by the Bethlehem University, the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, as well as by the Environmental Quality Authority.

Workshop of critical ecosystems file updated in the Mediterranean

Workshop of critical ecosystems file updated in the Mediterranean Palestine wildlife society has organized in collaboration with Bird life International/Middle east office and Environment quality authority and the Department of Agriculture authority in the twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh of October a special workshop to discuss and identify the key biodiversity areas in Palestine to update the environmental Palestinian file depending on the CEPF conditions.

Palestine’s Eco-tourism Conference

Palestine’s eco-tourism conference The varying geography and climate are represented by the Mediterranean Sea, the long shoreline of Gaza, the Jerusalem mountains, the eastern slops and the Rift “Jericho and El-Gour” Valley. Within a small area the biodiversity is truly astounding: more than 2,720 plant species “Flora Palaestina” and around 520 bird species reside or migrate through this compact ecological area. Many avian species journey all the way from Africa to Europe through small land bridges in the south and center of Palestine. In addition, more than 70 species of mammals and thousands of other insects, reptiles and amphibians are represented in this compact but diverse stretch of land. Palestine is a land of immense natural beauty and diversity. However, conflict, climate change and environmental stress has placed Palestine’s natural heritage under enormous threat.