Promote ecological sustainability program

Med Pearls

Med Pearls is a cross-border project that aims to internationally position the Mediterranean...

Bio gas

Bio gas This project is funded by the European Union- Jerusalem 2013-2015. The PWLS, together with the Herb Society and the Agriculture Engineering House, conducted numerous site visits in order to meet with community leaders from Auja, Bani Naim (Masafer Yatta), Um Khair (Arab Jahaleen), Caabna (Auja region) and Arab al Rashaida, and in cooperation with them selected the second group of 37 families to receive biogas systems.

Promotion Eco Tourism in Palestine

Promotion Eco Tourism in Palestine Since the beginning of life/Time Palestine has been God's unique gift to the World. A sacred home to the World's great Faiths, Palestine is also a natural habitat for many of the global most magnificent, rare and endangered birds, mammals and plants species. Replete with ancient religious and archeology sites, the high desert environments are harsh, but lovely settings, for both human and animal families. The fertile Jordan Valley, the cradle of agriculture in the Middle East, is home to a unique wildlife and ecosystem which is currently under severe threat. With its environmental and historical heritage characteristics, the potential is surely present for a solid tourism base for both local and international travelers.

PWLS Socio-Economic

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