Animal Welfare in Bethlehem- WAP

Animal Welfare in Bethlehem- WAP

Animal Welfare Unit

This unit is the first of its kind in Palestine…implemented in two stages:

  1. Awareness among the youth and farmers through extensive interaction with the animals
  2. Medical and physical Treatments for the animals; through this we can help the animals by themselves and therefore assist the farmers who rely on this kind of transportation to reach their farms

This project in somehow  changing the behavior of the  local Palestinian people toward animals especially toward Donkeys, they are now recognizing the importance of having a donkey in their areas and treating them well, also by distributing the noise bands that we got from WSPA is helping a good role in changing the people behavior to the health of Donkeys.

What motivates you?

Our people, our nature and our animals need activities and projects such as this here in Palestine

What makes you work in this area?

Palestine needs us and needs our conservation and humanitarian massages especially for our people, nature and animals

What suffering have you seen over the years and how has WSPA helped to change it?

Actually, the donkey’s situation opened all of our eyes, including mine, to one of the greatest areas and subjects here in Palestine: Animal Welfare. Since we signed the agreement between PWLS and World Society for the protection of Animals (WSPA) since 2008 we have done a lot of work helping animals in farmers here in Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip) for many years now. The Palestinian society has heard about our desire to support the lives of animals, especially in very poor areas, and the farmers have begun to think how to help their animals and teach them, and now they realize it is necessary to help the animals.

What is our message of Animal Welfare?

  • Helping Animals in Palestine...Helping People

Supporting the Animal Welfare in Palestine