Enhancing Environmental Awareness among Palestinian Youth

Enhancing Environmental Awareness among Palestinian Youth

This project is funded by the Pontifical Mission 2016. As PWLS past experience since 1999 in implementing non curriculum activities (Informal Activities through the establishment of the ECO SCHOOL network in Palestine) as learning process for students, and has a unique opportunity in the implementation of Nature Conservation and the 3 R’s activities among this network.

There is a good opportunity in this project that PWLS can show the students the solar energy that is installed in PWLS office, the laboratory and the sun cells for solar energy to light up PWLS office in Beit Sahour.

First of all, PWLS cooperated with 5 schools from Ramallah and 5 schools from Bethlehem, public private and UNRWA. For the grades 8 and 9, 4 direct students and all the class as indirect. PWLS started from the beginning of the schools year to implement different activities for the students as a learning process and creating leaders. In the beginning, PWLS started meeting with the schools or establishing ECO clubs to explain about the project and our aim and about our deliverables.

 PWLS implemented two winter camps one for Bethlehem and one for Ramallah including field visits, study days and volunteering.  After wards PWLS published about the drawing and Art competition; PWLS showed to the students how to benefit from the waste to shape an art using the concept of reuse and recycle, also Drawing from the nature, this competition will be for the participated schools of Bethlehem and Ramallah for the best drawing and Art.

During the summer, PWLS implemented a summer camp for the students together from Ramallah and Bethlehem that included field visits and learning presentations from authorized persons of environment. At the end these students must be able to prepare and implement schools initiatives. The Initiative is to implement an environmental activity leaded by the students after pontifical mission acceptance in their schools or in their town with cooperation of the school or the municipality or to implement and advocacy campaign about the world animal day, world earth day and world environmental day. Implementing this initiative will create youth leaders who can made decisions in his surrounding area specialized about local environmental problems or about the animal welfare.