About Us

WHO We are?

 Palestine Wildlife Society (PWLS) is an active, professional, Not for profit organization working in research and education, and wildlife protection in Palestine and the region.


The Conservation and Enhancement of Palestinian Biodiversity & Wildlife.


  • Conservation and management of native species and habitats
  • Monitoring and promoting important bird areas
  • Education on wildlife and nature issues
  • Active participation and involvement of local communities in the conservation movement, sustainable development, and eco- tourism
  • Helping animals and farms.


Think Globally, Act Locally

PWLS believes that Conservation Education is the main pillar in the conservation movement.

  • PWLS workes intensively in the field of awareness and education with different sections. A result of its success was the inclusion of environmental studies in the national Education Curriculum.
  • PWLS is also part of the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for Palestine in close cooperation  with Environment Quality Authority ( EQA).


Working today for conservation tomorrow...

History of PWLS

In 1998, a group of 13 people from all over the West Bank and the Gaza Strip realized that they wanted to raise environmental awareness in their Districts.  They decided to form their own environmental organization as the first of its kind in the area.  Their dream came to fruition in 1999 with the official establishment of the Palestine Wildlife Society.  Since the beginning, PWLS has strongly focused on developing clear and strategic objectives regarding environmental educational concepts and conservation of nature and biodiversity.  PWLS has proved to be both dedicated and effective in raising environmental and wildlife awareness.

Founders (1999):

   1. Mr. Yacoub Hana Qumsiyeh - Beit Sahour

   2. Mr. Imad Fouad Atrash - Beit Sahour

   3. Ms.  Jala' Sadeq AlQaroot - Jenin

   4. Mr. Shawqi Issa Hawwash - Beit Sahour

   5. Mr. Michael George Abu Ghazaleh - Ramallah

   6. Mrs. Nadia Khoudary - Gaza

   7. Ms. Aida Wadee' Abu Mohor - Beit Jala

   8. Mr. Ibrahim Fawzi Odeh - Beit Sahour

   9. Mr. Osama Zeidan El Jubeh - Hebron

  10. Mr. Amer Atiyya Kanaan - Anabta