Environmental Education & Awareness

Environmental Education & Awareness Programme


The environment in Palestine has not been given the rights it deserves to conservation and protection even though it is rich with varying forms of species, plants, biodiversity, and birds.  Many environmentalists and naturalists have turned their interest towards protecting as well as raising awareness about the Palestinian environment.  The NGO’s in Palestine are trying to encourage environmental learning through local communities by targeting different, but necessary groups. In addition, these NGO’s are working hard to conserve and rehabilitate the environment in order to secure a better living for future generations as well as for the wildlife who live and grow in this environment.  



The Role of the Environmental Awareness Program:


The objective of the Environmental Awareness Program is to strengthen mankind's - both children & adults - concept of the environment as it relates to behaviors of life. This program is directed towards both:

  • Students, in order to target those who will carry the burden of the protection of nature in the Palestinian community in the future and
  • The community, Design makers and the public targeting the awareness leaders & trying to enhance the role of the Palestinian institutions in the protection of nature for a better future, as well.